Chris Rock Opening Monologue #OscarsSoWhite

Chris Rock’s Opening Oscars Monologue 2016 was dangerous and brave!
In case you missed it, Chris Rock’s opening monologue was one of the most important moments in Oscar history! I’m sure there are many moments at this year’s Oscars that many will remember. For some reason the tension was high and the atmosphere was thick with special anticipation, especially about how Host Chris Rock was going to handle the night’s festivities. Watch the video–>

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Steve Jobs Failed

Did you know that Steve Jobs only sold 200 total units of the first Apple computer? The Apple 1 flopped according to people in the know.

Jobs and Wozniak were just starting their revolutionary company and their first creation was the Apple 1 computer which was a ground breaking personal computer and one of the first of its kind but people at the time didn’t get it….

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Who should we vote for?

Our country is so complex when it comes to politics. People vote against themselves for generations but still expect change. “Pick your poison” seems to be the name of the game in America.

My ethnic group (Blacks) have loyally voted for so called “Liberal” politicians for generations without even really studying the effects, thinking that “liberals” would help us with racism but we have had to look the other way on Democrats liberal/atheist MORAL stances like homosexuality, abortion, pro atheistic public education policy, the welfare trap etc…

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