5 Steps to Draw More People into Your Ministry

KingdomNerd Blog 5 Steps to Draw More People
The 5 Steps to Draw More People into Your Ministry or New Business by Jason M. Oliver KingdomNerd Blog.
The 5 Steps to Draw More People into Your Ministry or New Business by Jason M. Oliver KingdomNerd Blog.

#1 Study People
We all could be better students of people. People make the world go round and getting to know what makes them tick is the name of the game. We are naturally self interested but in order to help more people in our ministry or our business we must become other-interested. All service, whether thru non-profit or business ventures, is about adding value to other people. Other people have to perceive what you have to offer as something they want and need.

#2 Study Yourself
What I mean by “Study Yourself” is really getting to know who you are as a person or company. We are often constantly in a pursuit to be something and do something that we don’t realize the plain reality of what we are right now. People don’t want what you will be or will produce one day. They either want or don’t want what you have right now. So be honest with yourself about what you are really good at and offer that. Don’t try to be something you are not. In our day and age people are really good at spotting a “wanna be” so just be yourself.

#3 Build Your Growth Team
No one is an island. You are going to need other people to do something great. Singers need a great band. Presidents need a great cabinet. Pastors need great elders and volunteers. We all need a team of people that help us think, grow, build and dream. So if you don’t have one then stop what you’re doing and go connect with people and tell them what you are trying to do and why they would benefit from helping you.

#4 Be Unique
Stop just fitting in with your comfortable crowd right now! Nobody likes a copy cat. As individuals and companies we spend a lot of time worrying about our competitors and peer groups and although that is important, worrying about competing can be the death of an organization. Instead focus on being truly you. Find out what is so special about “the way you do” what you do. Remember that you are not the only one trying to connect with more people. There are a lot of things trying to grab all of our attentions every day. The only way you are going to really draw more people to your mission is not what you do (a lot of people do what you do) but instead the way you do it. Apple is not the only personal computer company. We are drawn to Apple or Android because of the unique way they do personal computing. Only you can do what you do quite like you do it so exploit that uniqueness and build your message and branding around that. Let people know what makes you different.

#5 Stop Forcing it!
Have you ever experienced a person trying too hard to be funny? It creates the opposite effect. Real comedians give us the feeling of their comfort and ease being on stage. There is no anxiety. Have you ever met a salesman that was really pushy for the sale, as if their mortgage was due today, and your purchase from them was the solution to their personal problem? How did that make you feel as a prospective customer? You see, real connection with people takes time, finesse and an understanding of what THEY need, not what you need. It doesn’t matter how much marketing and yelling you do at people about what you do. The question is are you connecting with people. In order to build a real fan base of people who passionately come together around your ministry or business it’s going to take time and commitment on your part to add value to them in an interesting way. Stop expecting things to be fast and easy when it comes to people. I’m not saying it has to take years but please take your time and go slowly thru steps 1-4 and you will build a lasting relationship with people that can spread to others virally. You can’t hurry up and create a best friend. You shouldn’t rush into marriage with someone you just met three days ago, and neither can you force the miracle of community, engagement and connection between people and your vision. Take your time and do it right. Put them ahead of yourself and you will be well on your way. It’s not about how fast you do it but instead, drawing more people to your ministry or business is about how deeply you connect with the audience you are trying to help.

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Author: Jason Oliver - Editor, KingdomNerd.com

Jason is a Pastor, Husband, Father and web entrepreneur. He thinks his twin sons are aliens from planet payback. www.JasonMarkOliver.org

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