Does Black Church Make Effeminate Men?

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Not every church has this problem. There are many black churches in America that support, uplift and train men to be men. Many disciplined Christian black men are raising their son’s to be husbands, fathers, workers, thinkers and protectors. The problem is that this situation is becoming increasingly rare. Most black churches are filled with a majority of women. Now the waning older male leadership ranks in most black denominations are consenting to women being in leadership roles over men of the next generation. Conservative theologians and Bible scholars agree that posting women over men in family or church is clearly prohibited by Scripture. If the kingdom of God is a kingdom of order and not disorder then it is hard to argue that Apostle Paul himself would support women being allowed to lead and assert authority over men in God’s church. In fact for the original Apostles it would be open rebellion against God’s design and order. New Liberals both secular and self-naming Christians say that Apostle Paul was just wrong, or that times have changed. God does not change and if Apostle Paul wrote the inspired word of God then whatever Paul was inspired to write to the Church is still correct. The Bible is either correct or it isn’t. It is either truth or just words to be changed over time according to what we now prefer.

Gospel Singer Tonex now calls himself B SladeThe fact is black men are becoming an endangered species in the church, and nobody seems to care. I don’t think we will get more Black Men to even consider Christianity for the next 100yrs if all they see is old men who won’t share leadership or effeminate men who participate in the stage performances. Manhood is a role and function of society that we can not go without. Men are just as important as women. They both play an important role in the family and in the church that can not be replaced.

Free black men are almost extinct in this country. The prison industrial complex, school to prison pipeline, the war on drugs (except the ones promoted by the government), the child support trap, gangster culture, and modern day jim crow felon laws are killing the black families quicker than breast cancer. Yet we all wear pink ribbons and stay silent about black boys being sold into modern slavery prison camps. We need our sisters to fight for us like we fight for them. We need women to start hosting black men empowerment conferences for inmates and fathers not allowed to see their children. Our fathers hosted women’s conferences now we need women that know their bible to return the favor. Where are the women that cry loud about the absence of our men? We need black unity in Church. We need to rebuild the black Christian family.

Instead, what is the answer given, for this male extinction problem, by Black Christian denominations? It seems their plans for the future are to prop up more women to lead the remaining men. Their vision is to replace men all-together. Women will be the new overseers of the remaining effeminate men. The Holy Scriptures says in 1 Timothy 2:11-15

11 A woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness.12 But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet. 13 For it was Adam who was first created, and then Eve. 14 And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression. 15 But women will be preserved through the bearing of children if they continue in faith and love and sanctity with self-restraint.

So called Pastor, Brandilyne DearSatan lures sinful mankind to openly rebel against God rather than to humble themselves under God’s authority. There are many degrees of wrong, but all sin is wrong.  The world only wants a look, form and ceremony of religion but no relationship, obedience, or honor of God’s Holy Word.

Just because we don’t agree with God doesn’t mean we can change the truth. Paul is not a woman hater, but the Holy Spirit speaks thru him and instructs the church that the God-given order of creation is important to honor in the church. God designed men and women to be united in a marriage covenant. Mutual love and respect are important. Clearly designed roles ensure love and respect continue. Wherever there is confusion, there is a lack of clearly defined roles. This generation is totally against clearly defined gender roles. Sex has never been more confused than it is today.

Every covenant has roles that must be honored if the covenant is to continue in God’s blessing. For instance, God promised Abraham to be his God and to be his protector and reward (Genesis 12:1-4, Genesis 15:1). If Abraham submits to God’s loving authority Abraham remains blessed, but if Abraham or his son’s changed the structure of authority thru idolatry or sin then the covenant was broken.

Telling the truth doesn’t mean I hate women or don’t recognize their huge contribution to the black family, Church, and greater society but there is no complete family (as defined in Scripture) without a man at the helm. Our enemy Satan knows this so he makes black women think they can have a strong family, church or community without men. That is simply arrogance and pride. Satan and white supremacy celebrates this wrong thinking.

We must honestly recognize that our churches are in crisis, and we are all responsible for repenting from our errors and turning back to God’s word. God makes the rules, and it is our job to obey those guidelines so that we remain in God’s blessing. Our sons are desperately waiting for us to be honest about their father’s condition, instead of pretending there is no such thing as fatherhood or manhood.

Author: Jason Oliver - Editor,

Jason is a Pastor, Husband, Father and web entrepreneur. He thinks his twin sons are aliens from planet payback.

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