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Finding the right people is the number one problem for any business or ministry staff. It is the leaders job to equip and train people to be successful but there is nothing more frustrating than spending countless hours training and meeting with people that never seem to grow or cut the mustard within your business.

In my own business and church leadership roles I have had countless meetings with team members trying to inspire them, train them, and build them into better leaders. Some improve and evolve into great leaders but most didn’t. It was frustrating and amounted to a lot of my time wasted on duds. Good people at heart but at the end of the day were just incompetent to the task entrusted to them which bogged down the over all organization and mission. The right people in the wrong positions just leads to stagnate routines and under whelming results. So how do you change this…?

It starts with taking personal responsibility as the entrepreneur and leader and realizing that you are the problem, not the people on your team. They didn’t hire themselves, (this applies to volunteers as well) you hired them and if they are not the right fit for the organization then the error is with you not them. I had to learn that it was an impossible task to make someone who is a two level leader into a ten level leader within a reasonable time that is profitable for the organization.

Entrepreneurs are busy and we don’t have time to hold someone’s hand in perpetuity. We must be willing to train and equip people to be better but not if it means pouring into someone who is just not motivated to improve.

To fix this you must start to be more discerning about who you allow on your team, so that you won’t have to undo so many avoidable mistakes. Don’t be so desperate to have people on your team. What you want is the right people on your team. Take more time and care of who you choose rather than being so happy about someone who is just willing to be on your team, especially in ministry. Most of the time in churches being “willing” to serve is the only requirement but this leads to a lot of problems long term. Be more picky and cautious about who you allow into leadership or management roles. Make sure they have the right skill, motivation and character for the long haul not just to fill a spot quickly.

Leadership expert John C. Maxwell explains this point brilliantly.

Author: Jason Oliver - Editor,

Jason is a Pastor, Husband, Father and web entrepreneur. He thinks his twin sons are aliens from planet payback.

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