Steve Jobs Failed

Steve Jobs with the iphone

Did you know that Steve Jobs only sold 200 total units of the first Apple computer? The Apple 1 flopped according to people in the know.

Jobs and Wozniak were just starting their revolutionary company and their first creation was the Apple 1 computer which was a ground breaking personal computer and one of the first of its kind but people at the time didn’t get it….

The inventors were light years ahead of the rest of the personal computing world. I think they were misunderstood, underexposed and in too small of a network of people that even understood what they were doing. The Apple 1 was the first computer to include a TV screen and keyboard. Most small computer hobbyists were not really interested in those things. Most computer geeks at that time only cared about the technical components and the purity of the engineering compatibility. Steve Jobs wanted to make those things secondary and create a machine that was not complex but simple and fun to use.

The market for personal computers was not like it is today. The average American didn’t have a clue about what a computer was and why it mattered. Steve Jobs wanted to change that but at the time of the Apple 1 he was only able to show his gift to a small group of nerdy computer hobbyist. Everything big often starts small. At this point co-founders Wozniak and Jobs were still a small little group of dreamers operating out of a garage.

They regrouped and built another computer that would appeal to the average American consumer after realizing that the small group of technical experts they were from would never really purchase or embrace their vision. The Apple 2 was born which went on to be a smash success selling in the hundreds of millions of dollars. More investment soon came and their exposure to the outside world went thru the roof.

SteveJobbs_2_28_16If you look closely at most gigantic successes you will find early failure. Author of the famous book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill once wrote “each failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.” We must all face temporary defeat and outright failure as we try to be more than we have formerly been in the past. So don’t give up when you at first fail. You have the potential to be everything you have ever dreamed of. Just because your story doesn’t quite look like you originally planned it to look, doesn’t mean that it won’t end up even better than you dreamed of in the end. We are all writing our own grand novel of life. We don’t often have much control over the first few chapters but we are all masters of the last few by what we do in the middle of the story. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are right now. Your story begins when you decide to make a difference in the world. Never be afraid to fail.

Author: Jason Oliver - Editor,

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