Who should we vote for?

BernieSanders and Trump

Our country is so complex when it comes to politics. People vote against themselves for generations but still expect change. “Pick your poison” seems to be the name of the game in America.

My ethnic group (Blacks) have loyally voted for so called “Liberal” politicians for generations without even really studying the effects, thinking that “liberals” would help us with racism but we have had to look the other way on Democrats liberal/atheist MORAL stances like homosexuality, abortion, pro atheistic public education policy, the welfare trap etc…

We can all see that It hasn’t worked out for us. Systemic racism is still alive and well and to add insult to injury our kids now grow up in a more loose “liberal” country in return but still racist.

Our Christian freedom is being choked out by new government policy. Clergy and Business owners are now being forced to comply against their religious and moral conscious. Liberal Presidents make headlines by siding with liberal marriage instead of one man and one woman. Other groups easily steal the Black civil rights “narrative” and used it for their own devices but when Black people March for racial equality under the law, where are they then? I don’t know if that is what Blacks really wanted.

hillaryClintonOne current Democrat presidential candidate openly says he’s an actual “Socialist”. Which always devastates Black economics but hey he marched with Dr. King so we don’t investigate his actual economics. “He likes Black people so who cares what else he stands for” type mentality.

Poor and Working class people are already being fined by the government for not complying with the new conflicting rules of the socialist health care system in America sponsored by democrats. Did we really elect them to do universal health care? Was that really our biggest problem in black America?

Republicans have always talked about morality in the microphone and being “Christian conservative” but never seem to practice that morality on behalf of Black people, the oppressed or anyone else that is without access to pack money. The war on drugs killed millions of people and locked countless black males up for crack while letting their white counter parts free. Has anything changed, I don’t know. Morality promises vs Racial Promises. They usually are both empty promises so now more than ever we must realize that our real help only comes from GOD and his dream within us.

Author: Jason Oliver - Editor, KingdomNerd.com

Jason is a Pastor, Husband, Father and web entrepreneur. He thinks his twin sons are aliens from planet payback. www.JasonMarkOliver.org

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